Monday, June 6, 2011

My Soldier and I ♥

    My husband, my hero, my life, my love..My SOLDIER. He is currently deployed. There are many lonely nights, boring days, and you just know that half your heart isn't there. As I lay here tonight I find myself comforted. Unfortunately its not by chatting with I'm online, its not by seeing his amazing handsome face on Skye, nor is it by hearing his heart melting voice on the phone. What is comforting me at this exact moment is the sound of the down pouring rain outside. Hearing it hit the house the same way it must hit his tent. Smelling it the same way he must be. Knowing that even though there are thousands of miles between us, we can still share the little things in life together. Feeling the sun kiss our skin (well... more like bite and chew up his lol) Looking up at the moon knowing in our hearts the other does the same thing when it is out for them. Breathing the same air, I close my eyes and take a deep breath in, vaguely being able to trick myself into smelling him by me just one more time. I open my eyes and realize that he is yet again not there, but knowing one day soon he will be. Laying down at night, just as I drift off telling him goodnight and I love him in my head as I know he does the same when it is bed time for him. Being able to dream about him, touch him, hold him, and smell him. even if it is just in my dreams, he will once again make my dreams a reality sooner then I can even believe. I know he dreams about me as I dream about him. I know he thinks of me before he goes to bed and thinks of me before he opens his eyes in the morning just as I do. This deployment puts thousands of miles between us but can never bring me down and make me feel alone. Just because he isn't here in person doesn't mean he isn't here in my heart, and in my mind ever second of ever day. So laying here tonight.. yet again alone physically, I know as long ash is in my life, I will never be alone emotionally, or mentally. My soldier and I share many things that are impossable to get between. I love you baby and am so proud of you for all you do for our family and for our country. Stay safe and come home soon baby cakes!!! :]

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  1. Totally agree to everything here Emily. Soon, not soon enough, but soon they'll be back thank goodness!