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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Being a Mother

    It doesn't matter your age or if you are a single parent or have your partner to go down this road with you. Being a mother stays the same regardless. Being a mother means being selfless, caring, loving, understanding, accepting, calm, devoted, and being able to put your foot down and create sturcture in your childs life. There are book you can read, classes you can take, and advice you can get from others. None of it compaires to what we somehow acquire the second we find out we are pregnant, the first time we see our child on that little ultrasound screen or the first time we hear the heart beat. Nobody knows how or why we change so fast, but it is a knowladge that we are blessed to recieve. Some choose to ignore this knowladge and just act like motherhood is something you dont have to work at. Like they can just sit on their a#& and expect their kids to be okay. Then there are others who choose to be a parent when it benifits them. When people around watching, or asking questions about their kids like how is school going or what have they been up to. When you ask these people questions about their kids, please believe you will not recieve the truth. They will say what they have to in order to come off as a parent who is involved. I feel so bad for those kids with parents like that.
   Personaly my daughter is the center of my life. She isnt in school yet, cant talk yet, infact.. cant do a whole lot yet. I still find myself telling EVERYONE about the little things. She holds her spoon and likes to feed herself, she reaches for her toys and bottles.She giggles. Little things like that are what make my day. Every parent has different views on how their children should live and be raised and nobody is in any position to judge. If kids are safe, healthy, and happy then that is all that matters. I could never see my life without my daughter. Im a young parent but I wouldnt have waited on more day to have her! The thing that I am most blessed to be able to do is... Being a Mother♥ For any parent who doesnt realize how truly blessed they are, please take a step back and just look at your kids.. if their beautiful face doesnt do it.. I dont know what will.

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