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Saturday, June 4, 2011


Family: A person or people related to one and so to be treated with a special loyalty or intimacy

    Family, weather you are connected by blood, adoption, marriage, or they are close enough friends that you consider them family.. it doesn't matter. Family is family and they will always be apart of your life. Sometimes you may not want them to be but they will. Your family is always there if you need them. Even if you may not get along and you truly think they wouldn't be there to catch you if you fall... I'm sure they would. There are always going to be hard times in life and yes that includes pointless fights with them, feuds that never seem to end, drama that isn't needed, and a unwanted fakeness. Even with all that stuff, it is still family. No family is perfect but its all we got. We don't get to choose who they are or how they act so the only thing you can do is just learn to deal with it. No matter what happens you will always love them and they will in return always love you. People fight with their family and lie to them more then they do with friends, co-workers, or anybody they encounter. I have come to realize the reason why is because in the end we all know that no matter what... our family will still be there for us, still love us. To end this short post, I just have to say... cherish the ones you have in your life, because they wont be there foever. Friends will come and go but your Fam[ily] will always be there. Make the best of it and learn to accept everyone is different.

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